Benji, the Bad Day, and Me by Sally J. Pla

Benji, the Bad Day, and Me by Sally J. Pla
April 20, 2019 Alexandra Adlawan

To spread more awareness for autism here is another inspiring book everyone should read.

For anyone who knows someone on the autism spectrum

In this sweet picture book that celebrates neurodiversity, Sammy is having the absolute rottenest, worst day ever. His little brother, Benji, knows exactly what that’s like.


Inspired by Sally J. Pla’s own children, this book is just so incredibly adorable. The story follows two brothers – one autistic and one non-autistic – and how when one of them is having a bad day, the other will be there to help them feel better.


I liked looking at all the different yellow blocks on the floor. Some are the usual block shapes like triangles, rectangles, and archways but if you look closely, you might see some figures that look like characters from TV and movies.


Try to find the following figures:

The three-eyed alien from Toy Story

Penguin astronaut

Dalek from Doctor Who

An igloo

BB-8 from Star Wars

A triceratops

Greg and Wirt from Over the Garden Wall


Unfortunately, I read this book after my meeting with Sally J. Pla, so I didn’t get to ask her any questions about it. I would’ve liked to ask her how she came up with all the block designs.


This weeks’ Weird but True Fact about Someone’s Rotten Day

In the 1994 World Cup, all of Italy was counting on star soccer player Roberto Baggio to make the team’s penalty shot. He missed, and Brazil won the title.


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