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Amazing Artists Children's Books

There are no limits to our imagination, only limits to us being understood.

Open your hearts and welcome the gifts of our creative contributions to the world.

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There are no limits to our imagination, only limits to us being understood.
Open your hearts and welcome the gifts of our creative contributions to the world.


Book Title & Alexandra's Review

Jadie in Five Dimensions by Dianne K. Salerni

Middle School

Jadie Martin was always told she was abandoned by her parents. Creatures from the 4th dimension rescued her and placed her with a loving adoptive family. Now, Jadie acts as an agent for the beings, also known as Seers. She uses the 4th dimension as a shortcut to travel anywhere on Earth, performing missions calculated to guide the world toward a brighter future.
But then Jadie discovers that her origin story is fake. In reality, her birth family has suffered multiple tragedies and disasters engineered from 4-space, including the devastating loss of their baby girl. Her! 
Doubting the Seers, Jadie starts anonymously observing her long-lost family. Why are they so important? What are the true intentions of the Seers? And what will the all-powerful four-dimensional beings do to a rebellious human girl when they realize she’s interfering with their plans?


A mind-boggling mystery sci-fi adventure through multiple dimensions.


This story had me on the edge of my seat. So many lies. So many conspiracies. So many questions. The main question is, “Who can Jadie trust?”


All of the physics and multidimensional science mentioned in this book is exceedingly detailed, and I didn’t understand a word of it. Fortunately, you don’t have to understand all the physics and multidimensional science mumbo-jumbo to enjoy this book. I recommend using all your brainpower to follow the complex storyline instead of trying to understand how it all works. Personally, I was more invested in the whole ‘creatures from the 4th dimension are using humans to alter courses of events’ conspiracy.


I had many theories on what the beings from the 4th dimension were up to. They all ended up being wrong, but I’m ok with that. I’ve read so many books that sometimes I’m able to guess what’s going to happen, so it’s great when a book is able to really shock me for a change.


The lesson to take away from this story is that having blind faith in someone or a group of people is dangerous.


Sidenote: A lot of big words are used in this story. Here are a few I had to Google:

Tumult: confusion or disorder

Fruition: the point at which a plan or project is realized

Superfluous: unnecessary, especially through being more than enough

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