The Journey Trilogy by Aaron Becker

The Journey Trilogy by Aaron Becker
September 9, 2017 Alexandra Adlawan
For anyone who loves amazing artwork
I present to you The Journey Trilogy!
Follow two children on an elaborate adventure in these wonderfully artistic, wordless picture books.
I found these books when I went on vacation in Bishop, California and fell in love with the beautiful artwork. A story told with no dialogue. That is genius
and difficult to accomplish. You can make up your own dialogue and each time you look through this book you spot something you didn’t notice before.
This is a great book to read with a child. You can tell the same story but with different dialogue each time or the child can tell the story.
When I first read these books I thought they were drawing with pieces of chalk, like in ChalkZone, but they’re actually markers. But the markers look nothing like markers, they look like chalk. So…yeah.
This is the perfect book for children. Parents usually read books to small children but with these stories, children can go through it silently, making up the story in their heads. No adult needed.


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