The Alcatraz Escape (Book Scavenger, #3) by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

The Alcatraz Escape (Book Scavenger, #3) by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman
May 12, 2018 Alexandra Adlawan
4th Grade and Up
The Alcatraz Escape (Book Scavenger, #3) by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman Alexandra-Adlawan-Amazing Artists-Autism-Author
Legendary literary game-maker Garrison Griswold is back in action―this time with “Unlock the Rock.” For his latest game, Griswold has partnered with the famous–and famously reclusive–mystery writer Errol Roy to plan an epic escape room challenge on Alcatraz Island.
Emily and James are eager to participate, but the wave of fame they are riding from their recent book-hunting adventures makes them a target. Threatening notes, missing items, and an accident that might not have been an accident have the duo worried that someone is trying to get them out of the game at any cost.
When Emily’s brother is caught red-handed and blamed for all the wrong doings, Emily is certain Matthew is being framed. With Matthew’s record on the line, Emily and James can’t afford to leave this mystery uncracked.
Let me start out by saying that an Escape Room style challenge on Alcatraz Island is genius! Why hasn’t someone done this before?! (There actually is an Alcatraz themed escape room in San Francisco. Click on the link below if you want to find out more)
This book inspired me to take a day trip to Alcatraz so I would be able to understand the story better. My dad and I really should have planned a trip where we got to the island in the morning and stayed there for several hours instead of only spending three hours there before running to get to the airport to fly home. I guess it just gives me an excuse to go back again.
On the short time I spent on the island, I took the Cellhouse Audio Tour. The audio tour guides are the actual Correctional Officers, inmates, and residents who lived on Alcatraz when it was a federal penitentiary. While we were on the tour, my dad made me go into one of the solitary confinement cells so he could take a picture of me. I really didn’t want to so I just stood on the outside of the cell and grinned and bared it. I agree with Emily, it’s creepy in there. I’m glad I took the tour because it gave me all the information I needed to picture what was going on in this book since the game mainly takes place in the Cellhouse building.
The Alcatraz Escape (Book Scavenger, #3) by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman Alexandra-Adlawan-Amazing Artists-Autism-Author
If you’re interested in taking a trip to Alcatraz, click on the link below to find out how:
This is definitely the best Book Scavenger book yet! I can’t say much else without giving too much away. Since my niece, Julianne, is really into geocaching and reading, I’m hoping that she and I could participate in a Book Scavengers adventure together. I tried getting her to read the first book but I don’t know if she ever did. I’m hoping now she’ll be more interested. Check out the Book Scavenger website below if you are interested in joining the fun.
This weeks’ Weird but True Fact about San Francisco
Actual prison breaks inspired the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon in California, U.S.A., where competitors leap off a boat and swim across San Francisco Bay. **
(*To crack the codes, see page 26)
**Bonus fact: My uncle Chris participated in that race. And he’s still alive.

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