The Great Pasta Escape by Miranda Paul

The Great Pasta Escape by Miranda Paul
August 12, 2020 Alexandra Adlawan

Young Children

Since the beginning of their lives (which was earlier that morning), the pasta at the factory followed the rules.

They stuck to their own kind.

They stayed still in their packaging.
And they never spoke to humans.
That is, until they discover what it really means to be pasta: they will eventually be eaten by humans! Fettuccine is scared, Ramen is outraged, and Mac is just trying to keep the peace among all the pasta. Will they be able to work together to use their noodles and concoct a great escape?


A story about all the different types of pasta, now there’s an original idea.


I read this book with my mom and she said that seeing pasta with faces and personalities might discourage kids from eating pasta. It just made me hungry.


I love pasta! I love spaghetti with tomato sauce, bow tie (farfalle) pasta with salt and butter, and macaroni and cheese. What’s your favorite type of pasta?


I found it odd how the pastas said that they ‘stuck to their own kind’. This isn’t the case in this Baby Blues comic:

If you would like to learn about how different types of pastas are made, click on the ‘How Is Pasta Made’ YouTube link below:


This weeks’ Weird but True Fact about Pasta

A German design company made a cookbook entirely out of fresh pasta, so you can read it, cook it, and eat it.


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