‘The Gruffalo’ & The Gruffalo’s Child’ by Julia Donaldson

‘The Gruffalo’ & The Gruffalo’s Child’ by Julia Donaldson
June 19, 2021 Alexandra Adlawan

Young Children

This is a rhyming story of a mouse and a monster. Little mouse goes for a walk in a dangerous forest. To scare off his enemies he invents tales of a fantastical creature called the Gruffalo. So, imagine his surprise when he meets the real Gruffalo.


This book is just so creative, fun, and cute. The little mouse is able to outwit all his enemies by being clever. I wish there were more stories about people being clever.


The Gruffalo said that no gruffalo should ever set foot in the deep dark wood. But one wild and windy night, the Gruffalo’s child ignores her father’s warning and tiptoes out into the snow. After all, the Big Bad Mouse doesn’t really exist – does he?


The story repeats the “brains over brawn” theme and all the characters from the original story all make a cameo. It has a very important lesson too: if your parents tell you not to do something, listen to them.

I discovered the short film versions of these books’ years ago. I just love the computer animation because it makes the characters and the story feel more alive. Plus, the little mouse looks so cute. I just want to poke his little chubby belly. These films are available on Netflix and iTunes.


Toy versions of the little mouse and the Gruffalo are available online. Aren’t they cute?


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