The Hen Who Sailed Around the World: A True Story by Guirec Soudee

The Hen Who Sailed Around the World: A True Story by Guirec Soudee
May 6, 2020 Alexandra Adlawan

For Fans of Adventure and Chickens


And read the unbelievable true story of how one explorer and his brave pet hen sailed around the world, successfully navigated the treacherous Northwest Passage, and became best friends.


This is the best sailing chicken story I have ever read. It’s the only sailing chicken story I have ever read but that’s not the point.


A chicken doesn’t seem like the best travel companion. Wouldn’t it be funny if Guirec got the idea of sailing with a chicken from the Disney movie Moana? Luckily for Guirec, Monique is smarter than Moana’s chicken Hei hei.


What really makes this story great is the photographs. Each picture is crisp, clear and funnier than the last. Monique is one photogenic chicken. The whole book reminds me of a Shutterfly scrapbook.


Here’s a picture I found on Guirec’s Instagram page.

I really wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Monique is toilet trained.


After looking through his Instagram page, I learned that Guirec’s adventures are far from over. He is still sailing and will continue to until who knows when.I’m hoping for a sequel book real soon.


If you only read one chicken-based story this year, READ THIS ONE! And check out his website to learn more about his travels.


This weeks’ Weird but True Fact about Chicken Eggs

Some chickens lay eggs with green or blue shells.


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