What We Found in the Sofa and How it Saved the World by Henry Clark

What We Found in the Sofa and How it Saved the World by Henry Clark
December 1, 2018 Alexandra Adlawan

4th Grade to 7th Grade

When River, Freak, and Fiona discover a rare zucchini-colored crayon between the cushions of a mysterious sofa at their bus stop, they quickly find themselves in the middle of an evil plot to conquer the world! The plot’s mastermind, Edward Disin, is responsible for starting the underground coal seam fire that continually burns just beyond the kids’ backyards, a dastardly cover-up for an intergalactic portal that will soon transport an army of invaders to Earth.

Disin’s only weakness is his otherworldly obsession with the zucchini crayon—and he knows the kids have it. But with the help of an eccentric neighbor, an artificial intelligence in the form of a double-six domino, a DNA-analyzing tray, two hot air balloons, and a cat named Mucus, three kids from the middle of nowhere might be able to save the planet.


This book is crazy, made almost no sense but I kept reading because I wanted to know how it ended. I feel like the writer knew the story made no sense but was having too much fun writing it to stop. Kind of like in the Frazz comic below:

I’m not saying this was a bad book. I’ve read worse. But if you’re interested in reading a story with a lot of wacky details then this is the book for you. I will say one thing about this book, it never got boring.


This weeks’ Weird but True Fact about Crayons

Macaroni and Cheese, Asparagus, and Cotton Candy are not only foods; they’re also crayon colors.


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