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Alexandra Adlawan has been awarded the Golden Wizard Book Prize for her heartwarming children’s books.


“Backyard Jungle – The  Adventures of Maddie and Albert”


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Alexandra Adlawan

Achieving Across the Spectrum

“Alexandra Adlawan is a children’s book writer, illustrator, and founder of the Amazing Artists publishing company, from Long Beach, CA. Ms. Adlawan graduated from a professional digital arts & animation studio specialized for autistic artists. Ms. Adlawan is a naturally gifted visual arts and written word communicator who excels in reaching children with her humor and bold use of color. “

To date Ms. Adlawan’s The Adventures of Maddie and Albert children’s book series include: Wild Imagination, How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Flying the Imaginary Skies, and the upcoming, Backyard Jungle.”

Excerpted from the Autism Parenting SUMMIT.  Read the article

Author Alexandra Adlawan

There are no limits to our imagination, only limits to us being understood. Open your hearts and welcome the gifts of our creative contributions.

Alexandra Adlawan

Alexandra Adlawan Earns Award

The Golden Wizard Book Prize

The Golden Wizard Book Prize is an award given to unique children’s book authors when special recognition is awarded for exceedingly high standards in producing outstanding children’s books.

We’re extremely pleased to announce that Alexandra Adlawan’s work as an author and illustrator has been recognized – and that her titles merited several awards!

Alexandra Adlawan Children's Books

Backyard Jungle

How long is a giraffe’s tongue?  How many muscles does an African elephant’s trunk have?  What does a binturong small like?  Learn all this and more with Maddie and Albert as they travel through the backyard jungle on the animal adventure of a lifetime.

“Maddie and Albert’s zany encounters with some of Earth’s precious wildlife made me laugh out loud.  Kids – and adults – will love Backyard Jungle.  The story is witty and hilarious as well as cleverly illustrated in a graphic novel format, which lends itself to the author’s great storytelling talents.  As a Zoo person, I appreciate the accuracy of the animal facts, and was thrilled to see a few lesser-known animals, such as a Parson’s chameleon and quokka, included in the fun.”

Georgeanne Irvine, author of the Hope and Inspiration book collection that features true animal tales, published by the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Press.

Children’s Book Written and Illustrated by Alexandra Adlawan​

Flying the Imaginary Skies

Whether flying kites on the Great Wall of China or riding kangaroos in Australia, Maddie and Albert know how to have fun wherever they go.  Join these two best friends as they fly the imaginary skies in their hot air balloon.

“What a ride!  Maddie and Albert and their beagle pal, Houdini, are the perfect travel guides for this hilarious and delightfully illustrated trip around the world.  Their smart and silly adventures made me want to waddle like a blue-footed booby!” 

Tom Rogers, novelist (Eleven, the story of a boy turning eleven on 9/11), animation screenwriter (The Lion King 1-1/2, Kronk’s New Groove, Secret of the Wings), Emmy nominated TV writer (Elena of Avalor), and creator of Disney Jr.’s Chicken Squad.

Children’s Book Written and Illustrated by Alexandra Adlawan​

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

With Maddie’s ability to come up with crazy things to do and Albert’s willingness to go along with anything, the fun this summer is guaranteed.  Join these two best friends to see what adventures they have planned for their vacation.

“Kids will love the ongoing adventures of Maddie and Albert – who wouldn’t get the giggles at the antics of these two best friends?” 

Sally J. Pla, author of the 2018 Dolly Gray Children’s Literature Award for The Someday Birds

Children’s Book Written and Illustrated by Alexandra Adlawan​

Wild Imagination

Maddie is mischievous, daring, & witty.  Albert is intelligent, rational, & sharp-witted.  Who would have thought two opposites could be best of friends?  But with his brains & her imagination, they are the perfect team!

“I’ve been offered a lot of children’s books during my time at the big brick & mortar bookstore and yours in not only beautifully written and illustrated but delivers a wonderful message on many levels.  I look forward to more adventures with Maddie and Albert.” 

Diane Sands, Advocate & Consultant

Children’s Book Written and Illustrated by Alexandra Adlawan​

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