Don’t Blink by Tom Booth

Don’t Blink by Tom Booth
September 2, 2020 Alexandra Adlawan

Preschool and Kindergarten

Think you can win a staring contest with an elephant? How about a gorilla, a cheetah, a fox or an alligator? How about all of them AND a bunch of their other animal friends – at the same time?

Whatever you do…DON’T BLINK!


This is a unique book that everyone should look through at least once. The artwork is beautiful, and the story idea is very original.


Readers are first challenged by the little girl on the front of the book to a staring contest. As you flip the pages, animals start showing up and join the contest.


This book is a great example of breaking the fourth wall. ‘The fourth wall’ is the imaginary wall that separates the fictional characters from the audience, so ‘breaking the fourth wall’ is when a character in the story acknowledges the audience.


Test yourself and see if you can outlast the girl and the animals. Here’s my challenge: If you blink before you get to the right page you have to start back at the beginning. Comment below if you win the staring contest.


This weeks’ Weird but True Fact about Blinking

The blink of an eye equals about 2/5 of a second.


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