Dragons Get Colds Too by Rebecca Roan

Dragons Get Colds Too by Rebecca Roan
November 11, 2020 Alexandra Adlawan

Young Children

Is your dragon sleepy? Does he have a runny nose? Does he keep sneezing fire? Unfortunately, it sounds like your dragon has a cold.

But luckily, with this book as your guide, your dragon will be back to its normal flying, fire-breathing self in no time!


This is a creative nonsense story that is fun and doesn’t try to teach you anything.


A story about a girl taking care of her sick dragon told through a step by step instruction guide. How creative!


I absolutely love the illustrations. They are cute, colorful, and are what caught my attention in the first place.


Adults will find it gross, but kids will find the humor in the dripping snot coming out of the dragon’s nose.


This weeks’ Weird but True Fact about the Common Cold

People who are frequently hugged experience less severe cold symptoms, a study found.


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