Granted by John David Anderson

Granted by John David Anderson
January 23, 2021 Alexandra Adlawan

5th Grade and Up

Everyone who wishes upon a star, or a candle, or a penny thrown into a fountain knows that you’re not allowed to tell anyone what you’ve wished for. But even so, there is someone out there who hears it.

In a magical land called the Haven lives a young fairy named Ophelia Delphinium Fidgets. Ophelia is no ordinary fairy—she is a Granter: one of the select fairies whose job it is to venture out into the world and grant the wishes of unsuspecting humans every day.

It’s the work of the Granters that generates the magic that allows the fairies to do what they do, and to keep the Haven hidden and safe. But with worldwide magic levels at an all-time low, this is not as easy as it sounds. On a typical day, only a small fraction of the millions of potential wishes gets granted.

Today, however, is anything but typical. Because today, Ophelia is going to get her very first wish-granting assignment. And she’s about to discover that figuring out how to truly give someone what they want takes much more than a handful of fairy dust.


I wasn’t really sure about this book until the librarian recommended it. And I’m glad I took her advice because Ophelia Delphinium Fidgetsis awesome! John David Anderson has really outdone himself with this story. He’s created an extremely detailed fairy world that is so vast that it takes most of the first five chapter to explain it all.


You might have noticed that the book cover features a fairy riding a dog. The dog, Sam, plays a large role in Ophelia’s journey. I highly recommend listening to the audio of this book because Sam’s voice makes him all the more lovable.


Here’s a somewhat cool fact that some people might get a kick out of. Ophelia’s first wish-granting assignment is located in Ohio. Ohio is once again making an appearance in literature and in a big way! OHIO RULES! WOO!


I’m hoping to get my niece to read this book because she’s read a lot of fairy related books before. Although now she’s really into anime so it might take some persuading.


There is one small lesson to take from this story. Next time you blow out your birthday candles or toss a coin in a fountain, wish for something good. And don’t wish for world peace, fairy magic can only do so much.


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