I Am Frida Kahlo & I Am Oprah Winfrey by Brad Meltzer

I Am Frida Kahlo & I Am Oprah Winfrey by Brad Meltzer
November 6, 2021 Alexandra Adlawan

Anyone who wants to learn about a true hero

After surviving a bus crash, Frida Kahlo made her mark in art history for her unique way of looking at the world and integrating her own image and life into her painting.

She knew that the most beautiful thing is you – just as you are.


After twenty-two books, we finally get an artist. You could argue that Leonardo de Vinci was also an artist, but I’m not counting him because he was a bunch of other things, while Frida was a full time artist. I’m so happy that Frida Kahlo got her own book in this series.


I first learned about her life from “The Who Was Show” on Netflix. The show was more about comedy than historical accuracy but it still showed how strong and creative she was.


The thing I like most about her, besides the fact that she had a pet monkey, is how much she loved painting pictures of herself.


Oprah Winfrey used her struggles in childhood as motivation to become “Queen of All Media.”

She knows that to live your best life, you need to be your true self.


I never would have guessed that Oprah Winfrey would be a part of this series. Before this book I only knew Oprah as the famous lady with the talk show where she shouts things like “You get a car! And you get a car!” But there is so much more to her than I could have ever imagined. She cares so much about helping people and has done so many good things through her show. She is one amazing lady. She proved that to succeed you don’t need to be anyone other than yourself.


I also love how the illustrator, Christopher Eliopoulos, sneaked in a cameo of his book ‘The Yawns are Coming’ into the illustrations.


News Update: The next four heroes have been revealed: an athlete, an activist, a singer and an architect. I’m looking forward to reading the activist one the most. I’m still hoping for an author though.


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