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I Am Walt Disney & I Am Marie Curie by Brad Meltzer

Anyone who wants to learn about a true hero

Once again, I am happy to present the newest editions to the ‘Ordinary People Change the World’ series!


Walt Disney has won 32 Academy Awards, more than anyone else.

He knew that the person who makes dreams come true is…YOU!


I already know most of Walt Disney’s history so none of what is in this book was new to me, but I am just so happy that Walt Disney is now a part of this book series. I love Walt Disney. He got into animation when it was just getting started and revolutionized it into what it is today. If I could go back in time to any point in history, I would go to the opening day of Disneyland.


In true Disney fashion, there is a Hidden Mickey on every page and they are not easy to find.



Marie Curie was the first person to ever receive Nobel Prizes in two fields, physics and chemistry.

She knew the power of discovery.


I learned about Marie Curie from the Netflix series The Who Was Show, which depicted her life as an action movie through skits. I like this books’ version better.


The reason Marie Curie is such a big deal is because during her lifetime women weren’t encouraged or even expected to do anything other than get married, have kids, and take care of their husband. But she had other ideas. I was overwhelmed by all the injustices and hardship she went through to get an education and to pursue her passion for science. She is a role model and a true inspiration for woman in science.


To learn more about the book series, click on the Ordinary People Change the World website link below:



I was thrilled when I found out a new animated series based on the book series Ordinary People Change the Worldwas being created. The show is about the adventures of Xavier Riddle, his sister Yadina and their friend Brad (yes, just like the author). In each episode, they face a problem and turn to the Secret Museum, a hidden room under an ordinary museum, to help them solve it. The museum allows them to travel back in time to meet real-life historical heroes when they were kids. On November 11th, PBS Kids released over ten 22-minute episodes, each featuring a two different historical figure. I absolutely love this show and the lessons it teaches kids. My favorite episodes so far are We are the Wright Brothers, I Am Julia Child, and Susan B. Anthony and I hope Brad Meltzer will add their stories to the book series.


This weeks’ Weird but True Facts about Marie Curie and Disneyland

In 1903, Marie Curie became the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, in physics. She won another in 1911, in chemistry, and her daughter went on to win one in 1935.

Hundreds of stray cats roam around Disneyland, in California, U.S.A, at night to catch real-life mice.

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