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‘Max Explains Everything’ Series by Stacy McAnulty

I’m back!

This year, I’ll be posting children’s picture book reviews on Wednesdays and chapter book reviews on Saturday.

Let’s start the new year with a super funny picture book series about a little boy named Max, an expert in various subjects and eager to share all he knows with you.

Kindergarten and Up


Max Explains Everything: Grocery Store Expert

Max knows everything about trips to the grocery store because his parents make him go All. The. Time. Even when they run out of little things . . . like toilet paper. So he’s pretty much an expert.

Whether it’s choosing the right breakfast cereal or surviving the obstacle course that is the produce section, Max is here to help. Have trouble talking mom into finally getting that puppy she promised? Picking up a bag of dog food might just be the push she needs! And always remember to keep your eyes on the prize – the checkout lane is your last chance to grab the real essentials. Candy!


This is a realistic story that all kids who have been dragged to the grocery store will relate to.


Max is super likable and funny. I loved how all of his “helpful” tips involved using “clever” tactics instead of throwing a tantrum to convince his mom to buy him sugary treats.


I love the illustrations. They are both detailed and simple. They do a great job of adding to the story.



Max Explains Everything: Soccer Expert

Max knows a lot about soccer. After all, he’s been playing it for almost three weeks! So he’s pretty much an expert.

Here Max shares his one-of-a-kind helpful tips, including how to warm up, who’s who on the field, and what to do with your hands since you can’t touch the ball. But could Max possibly be forgetting something very important?


Max perfectly represents that one kid on the team who gets easily distracted and seems to have no idea what’s happening around him.


The illustrations are fantastic and bring the story to life. I love how all the other kids play around Max while he’s off in his own little world.


My mom used to coach my big sister’s team when she was a kid. She says that this is accurate and very fun to read.



Max Explains Everything: Puppy Expert

Max knows a lot about puppies. After all, he’s wanted one his whole life! So he’s pretty much an expert. Grown-ups will warn you: Puppies are a lot of work. And they’re right! Your puppy will need the perfect bed, the perfect toys, and the perfect treats. Dogs aren’t good listeners like kids are, and they have a lot to learn. So you might have to take her to doggy school. Yup, a puppy is a big responsibility – but also a lot of fun, a lot of cute, a lot of cuddles, and a lot of love.


This is a realistic representation of the chaos and happiness that owning a puppy brings. I recommend reading this book to young animal lovers.


Max had trouble deciding what to name his puppy. I don’t relate to this. I knew exactly what I wanted to name my black lab puppy when I was a kid, and I knew exactly what I wanted to name my English lab service dog. I named my black lab puppy Fudge after the character ‘Fudge’ in the Judy Blume book series. I named my English lab service dog Dude because I got the idea from the Turtle Talk with Crush at Disneyland. Crush would say, “You so totally rock!” Then the audience was instructed to respond by saying, “Dude!” I got to take Dude to a Turtle Talk, and I got to tell Crush my dog’s name and Crush said, “That’s the best name ever!”

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