Phoebe and her Unicorn Graphic Novel Series by Dana Simpson

Phoebe and her Unicorn Graphic Novel Series by Dana Simpson
March 1, 2020 Alexandra Adlawan

Rated E for Everyone

Our story begins when 9-year-old Phoebe Howell skips a rock across a pond and accidentally hits a unicorn in the face. Freed from her own reflection, the unicorn, named Marigold Heavenly Nostrils, gives Phoebe one wish, which she decides to use by making the unicorn her best friend.

Come along for the unicorn ride with Phoebe, as she deals with the usual burdens of childhood (cruel classmates, gym class, piano lessons) and also some unusual ones (magic hair, candy-breathing dragons, and the legendary SHEILD OF BORINGNESS).

Originally a web comic, turned newspaper comic and available in book form.


I regret not getting into this comic series sooner. It’s amazing! Dana Simpson is a genius!


The friendship between Phoebe and Marigold Heavenly Nostrils (best name ever) starts out a little rocky but soon grows into true friendship where they except the other for who they are. It’s not just Phoebe and Marigold taking center stage, this series is full of other fun and wacky characters, both human and mythical.


The best thing about this series is that it’s truly funny with humor that both kids and adults can enjoy. The comic featured below is one I found partically hilarious.

I love reading comics in book form. I still go online to see the newer ones but it’s so much easier to have a whole book of comics to read than to click through them one at a time on a computer. Plus, the books include how to draw tutorials, a glossary, and other fun activates to enjoy. And just so you know, Books 6 and 8 are full story graphic novels while the others consist of stand-alone comics and continuing storylines that expanses over time.


Regardless of gender or age, this comic series is for everyone.


This weeks’ Weird but True Fact about Unicorns

Explorer Marco Polo saw a herd of rhinos and thought they were unicorns. He called them ugly.


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