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Saving Fable (Talespinners #1) by Scott Reintgen

Middle School


Indira has been a character-in-waiting her entire life. So, she can’t believe her luck when she’s finally chosen to travel to Fable and study at the renowned Protagonist Preparatory, a school known for producing the best heroes.
But Indira’s dreams of achieving hero status don’t exactly go as planned. A failed audition lands her in the school’s side-character track, and her best efforts to prove advisors – famous characters like Alice from Wonderland and Professor Darcy – wrong are constantly sabotaged. Indira is starting to feel like an evil antagonist might be to blame.
As the danger spreads, Indira discovers all of Fable is under siege. With her friends Maxi and Phoenix by her side, she pieces together clues that will reveal who is behind the dark magic threatening them all. But the more Indira uncovers, the more doubt she feels about her place in this world of stories. After all, can a side character really save the day?


A story about a character-in-waiting trying to get her own story to star in. Sort of similar to the concept of how the video game characters in the movie Wreck It Ralphknow they’re video game characters.


This is the story that every fan of literature didn’t know they were waiting for. I kind of wish I had retained more information from 12 years of English classes, so I could understand the subtler literary references.


I’m in awe of authors who create whole new worlds to write their story in. Unlike many other stories, that include true historical or present-day happenings involving real life events, these authors imagine up every little detail to create something entirely new.


I love all the classes Indira attends at Protagonist Preparatory and how the classes are taught by well-known story characters. I especially loved Alice from Wonderland’s class on how to escape. Although I did think Professor Darcy’s Love by Page 12class on how to be a romantic love interest was ridiculous. Unfortunately, we only get to learn about a handful of different classes that Protagonist Preparatoryhas to offer the characters-in-training.


Some of the teachers seemed to favor the protagonists over the side characters. I didn’t like how they made being a side character seem like a bad thing. Side characters are just as interesting if not more than the protagonist. The protagonist may be the one narrating the story but it’s the side characters that keep the story going.


I would give you a summarized version of how the world of imagination works but this world is just so complex that I don’t even know where I would start. Plus, I had a hard time understanding most of the indebt details and I’m still confused about a few things. Like do the characters age, where are the animal characters, and is there a school for the adult characters?


Fortunately, this is just Book 1 in the series and hopefully some of my questions will be answered in the sequel. This is just the beginning…


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