Shadow School: Dehaunting (Shadow School #2) by J.A. White

Shadow School: Dehaunting (Shadow School #2) by J.A. White
October 31, 2020 Alexandra Adlawan


Middle School

Cordelia Liu’s first year at Shadow School was a success. She studied hard and made friends. She also sent hundreds of ghosts into the afterlife, because Shadow School isn’t a normal school, and Cordelia Liu isn’t a normal girl.
But her second year is already different. Ghosts are refusing to move on, the teachers are acting weird, and Cordelia’s best friends, Benji and Agnes, aren’t as interested in rescuing the ghosts as they used to be. Benji is busy hanging out with the girl he befriended over the summer, while Agnes spends all her time building a machine that might be capable of dehaunting the school forever.
Cordelia is the only one who believes that something sinister is happening right under their noses.  But what if it’s even worse than she could imagine?


This story is a blend of the supernatural, middle school drama and is even more intense than the first book. I highly suggest reading over the first book before diving into this one just to review the basics.


Just when you think you have a handle on life and how ghosts work, the rules up and change on you.


Cordelia’s life is changing, in more ways than one. It was already made clear in the first book that Cordelia is obsessed with freeing the ghosts of Shadow School herself. So what happens when a device is found that can free all the ghosts for good, taking away her life’s purpose and the thing that brought her friends together? Well, Cordelia goes through a bit of an identity-crisis. On top of all that, Cordelia has to deal with Benji spending so much time with another girl, Vivi. Cordelia’s jealousy of Vivi takes up the first half of the book. This sort of petty emotion would normally annoy me but I wasn’t so much annoyed at Cordelia, more that I was annoyed withher. This is what I get for reading so many books, you start feeling what the fictional characters are feeling.


This all may seem like a huge spoiler, but like I said before in my review of the first book, it really isn’t given that this book is even more complex than the first one.


Another bit of a spoiler, the main theme of this story is jealousy and how it can manifest into something worse. You’ll also learn that just because someone is going through an emotional struggle, it doesn’t mean there isn’t something weird going on.


This weeks’ Weird but True Fact about Ghosts

In New Zealand, two vials supposedly holding ghosts sold for about $2,000.


Well, this is the last of my spooky October book reviews. I hope you enjoyed them.


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