The Berenstain Bears Series by Stan & Jan Berenstain

The Berenstain Bears Series by Stan & Jan Berenstain
January 1, 2020 Alexandra Adlawan

Happy New Year! I’m back!

And this year, I’ll be posting children’s picture book reviews on Wednesdays and chapter book reviews on Saturdays.

Let’s start this year off with a beloved children’s series that I love beary much!

Young Children

Stan and Jan Berenstain published the first Berenstain Bears book in 1962, and the series has gone on to capture the hearts and minds of children across generations and across the globe. Since the first book, the Bear family has grown from three to five members, been translated into over a dozen languages and over 300 million books have been sold worldwide.


I absolutely loved these books as a kid and still love them to this day. I still own about 50 of the original classics (and by classic, I mean the stories that were written before 2000). The only problem with them is that they are kind of long. After a while, my mom and sister would try to paraphrase the story, but I was too smart and would call them out on it.


Some of these stories may seem a bit outdated but the lessons they teach still apply to this day. Lessons like don’t talk to strangers, eating too much junk food is bad for you, to count your blessings, and the importance of keeping your room clean.

For over 55 years the Berenstain Bears have charmed generations of readers with their wholesome and heartfelt lessons.Travel back to Bear Country with Papa, Mama, Brother, Sister, and Honey to laugh and nod along to their words of wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement.


This book pretty much summaries all the classic lessons the Berenstain Bears have taught us since 1962. A perfect gift for a fan of the series.


Thanks to Mike Berenstain, Stan and Jan Berenstain’s son, the Bears stories continue, with new books still being written. Check out the Berenstain Bear website below to stay in the loop on all things Berenstain Bear related.


This weeks’ Weird but True Fact about Honey

Honey’s taste and color depend on the kinds of flowers honeybees collect nectar from.


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