The Fluffy Series by Kate McMullan

The Fluffy Series by Kate McMullan
February 5, 2020 Alexandra Adlawan

1st Grade to 2nd Grade

Fluffy the guinea pig goes on many adventures in this cute elementary school series. Join Fluffy as he celebrates every major holiday, meets firefighters, grows a garden, picks apples and more fun adventures.


These were my absolute favorite books as a little kid. I still own most of them, but I lost the Halloween book years ago and still haven’t found it. It wasn’t until I started collecting the pictures for this post that realized there are a couple of Fluffy books that I’ve never seen before. This is a big deal because I practically lived in the kid section of the now out of business Borders bookstore near my house when I was younger. I’m trying to decide if I should buy the Fluffy books I’m missing to complete my collection (mostly because I want to read the stories).

Fluffy has a big personality, a wild imagination and is the kind of character that shines in every and any situation, so every story is a gem. My favorite Fluffy stories are Fluffy Goes to Washington, where he takes a mini White House tour, and Fluffy’s School Bus Adventure, where after a student’s forgets to take Fluff home for the weekend, Fluffy has fun on the bus ride to their house.


Bottom line, this is a great little series for young readers to get started with.


This weeks’ Weird but True Fact about Guinea Pigs

Prehistoric guineas pigs were as big as cows and had a bite as strong as a tiger.


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