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Amazing Artists Children's Books

There are no limits to our imagination, only limits to us being understood.

Open your hearts and welcome the gifts of our creative contributions to the world.

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There are no limits to our imagination, only limits to us being understood.
Open your hearts and welcome the gifts of our creative contributions to the world.


Book Title & Alexandra's Review

The Last Kids on Earth: Thrilling Tales from the Tree House by Max Brallier

4th Grade and Up


When a vicious monster attacks the tree house (rudely interrupting board game night!), our human heroes and their monster pals must decide who is brave enough to battle the beast alone. The only way to choose? An epic, end-of-the-world story showdown! The winner will be awarded the honor and glory of a one-on-one monster clobbering. Jack kicks off the competition with a story of high-stakes monster baseball, Soon, Quint, Dirk, June and Skaelka, and even Globlet regale the group with outrageous and hilarious stories of their action-packed escapades during the monster-zombie apocalypse.

But even after a winner is declared, one final story still remains – a story that will reveal the mysterious whereabouts of two villainous villains andchange the world of The Last Kids on Earth forever.


If you’re a huge fun of The Last Kids on Earth, like I am, this book is a must have.


I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book. I love graphic novels and I love this series. I love how each story is illustrated by a different artist and how each art style matches with each storyteller’s personality and story.


I’m pretty sure only Dirk and June’s stories are canon to theLast Kids on Earth universe. Globlet and Quint’s stories are complete fiction while Jack’s story is, according to Quint, 19% true.


I found it odd and extremely amusing that Globlet started her story by say, “Presented for the approval of the Midnight Society.” This is a reference to the Nickelodeon TV series Are You Afraid of the Dark, a show about a group of teenagers who refer to themselves as the “Midnight Society” and sit around a campfire telling scary stories and each storyteller would begin their story by saying “Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society.” I’m guessing the author couldn’t get away with using the whole quote.


I was surprised to see Chef, an original character from The Last Kids on Earth Netflix series, make an appearance. I thought he was only going to be in the animated show. Along with a few other references to the Netflix series, the fourth wall was broken a few times as well.


Remember the villains from The Cosmic Beyond? Evie and Ghazt the General? Have you been wondering what they’ve been up to between books 4 and 7? Well you’ll have to read this book to find out.


Book 7 will be coming out this Fall and based on the title, The Doomsday Race, I’m guessing it will be about the kids racing to stop Thrull from opening up a portal to bring Rezzoch to Earth. I’m really hoping this won’t be the last book in the series. But even when the book series does come to an end, we still have the Netflix series to fall back on. Speaking of the Netflix series, I am pleased to announce that there will be a fourth season. I can hardly wait!

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