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The ‘Ranger in Time’ Series, Books 6 – 10 by Kate Messner

So here they are! ‘Ranger in Time’ Series, Books 6 – 10! Enjoy!

3rd Grade and Up


Escape from the Great Earthquake (Ranger in Time #6)

Ranger travels to San Francisco and meets Lily Chen. She was sent from China to America to work as a young servant, but she dreams of studying to be a doctor. When the Great Earthquake hits, Ranger arrives in time to rescue Lily from falling beams in the mission house where she lives. Together they flee to safety, stopping to help another girl, May Wong, save her little brother from the family’s collapsed market. Lily and May try to make their way through the ruined city with Ranger at their side. But can they escape crumbling buildings and raging fires, all while facing anti-Chinese discrimination?


I learned about the San Francisco Earthquake when I read Lauren Tarshis’s I Survived book on the subject. But that book was more about the fire and destruction the earthquake cause. This book goes into more detail on how Chinese immigrants were treat in this time period. I kind of get that people didn’t want foreigner crowd up the city but did they have to treat them like they weren’t even human?



D-Day: Battle on the Beach (Ranger in Time #7)

Ranger heads to Normandy on the morning of the D-Day invasion and finds himself in the middle of one of the fiercest battles of World War II. Ranger meets Leo, a Jewish boy who is hiding with a local farmer, and Walt, a young African-American soldier fighting to free France from the Nazis. Walt is in the 320th Balloon Battalion, so it’s his job to help operate the enormous barrage balloons that fly over the American troops, shielding them from enemy planes. It’s pure chaos, with thundering warplanes, falling bombs, and exploding land mines. Will Ranger, Leo, and Walt survive?


Have you ever questioned how anyone on the beach during D-Day survived? After reading this book, I still have no idea.


I was surprised to learn that African American soldiers were allowed to serve their country during WWII, since this all happened before the civil rights movement. I was even more surprised to learn that the military was still completely segregated, and they weren’t even allowed to eat in the same mess halls. Did they learn nothing about discriminating from the Germans?


This story also marks the first time the first-aid kit has actually been used.



Hurricane Katrina Rescue (Ranger in Time #8)

Ranger arrives in New Orleans as Hurricane Katrina approaches and residents start to evacuate the city. Ranger meets Clare Porter, who is searching for her grandmother. Once Ranger helps Clare find Nana, he takes shelter with them at their home in the Lower Ninth Ward, and they wait for Clare’s father to return from the gas station. But there’s no sign of him as hours pass and the weather gets worse. The wind picks up and rain pours down. And when the levees break, floodwaters dangerously rise, and Clare and Nana are separated. Can Ranger help Clare navigate the flooded streets to safety and back to her family?


Unlike in Lauren Tarshis’s I Survived Hurricane Katrina, which takes place during the hurricane, this story goes into more detail about the aftermath. Things like people sitting on their rooftops waiting to be rescued and people with boats rescuing fellow neighbors.


I watched some before and after video footage of Hurricane Katrina to get an idea of what happened. At first, I was fascinated watching huge cars getting carried away by the water, then shocked by the water pouring in to the buildings, and finally disgusted at the thought of what was in that water.



Disaster on the Titanic (Ranger in Time #9)

Everyone says the Titanic is unsinkable, and Patrick Murphy believes this most of all. He grew up near the shipyard where the magnificent ship was built and officially started working there when he turned thirteen. He’s even been chosen to be part of the crew during the Titanic’s maiden voyage! Ranger meets Patrick before the ship sets sail, and once on board, they befriend Maryam and Hamad. But one night, the ship hits an iceberg and starts to take on water. It’s a race against time for Ranger and his friends to help get as many passengers, including themselves, off the ship before it’s too late.


Throughout this series, the one thing I feared the most was Ranger losing the first-aid kit and not being able to get home.


I was one the edge of my seat until the very end. This is why I’ll never watch the movie Titanic. Reading about the ship sinking and everyone in that freezing water is terrifying enough.



Night of Soldiers and Spies (Ranger in Time #10)

Ranger’s next mission finds him in the middle of the Revolutionary War. There he meets Isaac Pope, a fisherman turned soldier for the Continental Army. When General George Washington needs a spy to cross into enemy territory, Isaac is chosen for the dangerous task. Ranger must help Isaac remain safe and undetected, or the battle — and their lives — will be lost.


The story goes into detail about George Washington and his army’s journey across the Delaware River and it looked nothing like the famous painting. For one thing, there was a snow storm and the river was half frozen so if George Washington tried to stand up in the boat he would’ve fallen in the river.


This weeks’ Weird but True Fact about the Titanic

Three dogs were among those rescued from the sinking Titanic.


I found out where and when Ranger in going in his next adventure and I’m really looking forward to it.

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