The Sloth Who Slowed Us Down by Margaret Wild

The Sloth Who Slowed Us Down by Margaret Wild
September 9, 2020 Alexandra Adlawan

Young Children

When the speediest family in the world finds a sweet, slow sloth on their doorstep, they take him in. But, little do they know, their new pet has quite a bit to teach them.


I saw this book at the bookstore and the sloth on the cover immediately caught my eye. He is so cute! He looks like a little stuffed toy!


I love sloths. They are so weirdly cute, like a strange little alien. They move so slow that moss and algae grows on their fur which is why the sloth’s fur in green tinted. There are so many different types of insects living in a sloth fur that the sloth has its own ecosystem living on their body.



This adorable little book uses a sloth to teach the importance of slowing down and enjoying life.


Pay close attention to all the illustrations and keep a look out for the worm and the ladybug who cameo in almost every picture.


Remember in the Disney movie Zootopiawhere the sloths worked at the DMV? Well, Disney made a short video of real sloths working at a DMV. Click on the link below to see the clip.


This weeks’ Weird but True Fact about Sloths

A scientist once found 980 beetles living in the fur of a single sloth.


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