This Is My Room!: (No Tigers Allowed) by Jennifer Richard Jacobson

This Is My Room!: (No Tigers Allowed) by Jennifer Richard Jacobson
September 30, 2020 Alexandra Adlawan

Young Children

Jojo can’t wait to spend the night in her very own bed in her very own room. She doesn’t care what her big sister Margaret says, she’s NOT afraid and she WON’T be back to the bedroom they used to share.
There’s just one problem though—there are intruders in her new room! A lion, a bear, and a very persistent tiger seem to think this is THEIR room, not Jojo’s. Is Margaret right? Is Jojo not quite ready to spend the night on her own? Or can Jojo find a way to show that trespassing tiger just who’s boss in HER room?


I found this book by chance and it is JUST SO CUTE! Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!


A simple sweet imaginative story about a little girl determined to concur her fear of the dark with a hidden message on the importance of reading and writing.


The colorful illustrations really makes the story come to life. I admire how the illustrator is able to draw the animals in a way that they look realistic and sweet at the same time.


This weeks’ Weird but True Facts about Lions, Bears, and Tigers

Lions cough up hair balls the size of hot dogs.

A bear in New Mexico, U.S.A., hitched a ride on top of a garbage truck for five miles before climbing off.

Tigers can eat more than 80 pounds of meat in one meal – that’s like 70 T-Bone steaks!


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