Wagon Train 911 by Jamie Gilson

Wagon Train 911 by Jamie Gilson
July 2, 2016 Alexandra Adlawan

Elementary school and anyone who wants to laugh

For two whole weeks, the entire 5th grade pairs off into pretend couples venturing along the Oregon Trail in make-believe wagon trains. Dinah, the tallest girl in fifth grade, is less than thrilled when she is forced to “marry” Orin, the shortest boy, but they have no choice. Join Dinah and Orin and the rest of Wagon Train Seven in this hilarious tail as they journey out west.
This was one of my favorite books on cassette. I found it in Ohio as a child and whenever I would visit my family there I would get this from the library. I know any kids reading this will ask, “What’s a cassette?” It was what we used to listen to music and books before CDs and downloading audiobooks on the Internet. As someone who grew up on books on cassette, I have to say that CDs are a lot easier.
Every kid can relate to having to participate in a ‘fun’ school project. And the projects are always something dumb. Square dancing for example. This honestly feels like something a school would make children do, try to make learning ‘fun’ in a ridiculous and not at all fun way.
The one thing you must know about this story is that there is a hole in the plot you can drive a truck through. It’s pretty much a nonsense story but the hilarious dialogue between the children makes up for it. I’m not sure if you can still listen to this book on audio but if you can find it I would recommend listening. The way the voice actor reads the story makes it a lot funnier.


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