What’s on Your Plate: Exploring the World of Food by Whitney Stewart

What’s on Your Plate: Exploring the World of Food by Whitney Stewart
May 13, 2020 Alexandra Adlawan


For Adventurous Eaters and Anyone Who Wants to Learn About Food Around the World

It’s a big, tasty world out there—and this book takes kids on a tour through the cuisines of 14 countries, complete with a recipe for each one.


What a great way to show kids that food isn’t just limited to chicken nuggets and French fries. My favorite parts are the maps of said countries showing which ingredient originated where. It’s amazing how the same ingredients can be put together in such different ways. And I finally found out what hummus and falafel are made off (chickpeas in different forms).


The food in this book does look amazing, I just have no interest in trying any of it. I am a very picky eater.  So is my niece (Picky Eaters Unite!). Here’s a bonus Frazz comics for all the picky eaters out there.


If you want to find out what real kids think about food from around the world, check out Kids Try/HiHo Kids on YouTube. The link below will take you directly to a playlist of kids trying food from different countries. Countries including Vietnam, Australia, Jamaica, etc.



This week’s Weird but True Fact about Foods

Until 500 years ago, no one outside North and South America had ever tasted chili peppers, chocolate, or tomatoes.


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