Yahooty Who? by Jen Oloo

Yahooty Who? by Jen Oloo
January 15, 2020 Alexandra Adlawan

Rated E for Everyone

Have you ever wondered who turns on the light in the refrigerator or who helps your garden grow?

Take a look in this book and learn all you need to know!


I found this book at the Los Angeles Times 2018 Festival of Books and met the author, Jen Oloo. She told me her grandfather used to open the refrigerator door and say, “Did you see Yahooty?” And Jen would ask, “Yahooty who?” Her grandfather would answer, “Yahooty. He’s the one who turns the light on in the refrigerator. You just missed him.” And that’s where the origin for this story came from.


This book was just so incredibly cute that I had to buy it. Also, I might have been encouraged by the puppet. Enjoy the picture below of me, Puppet Yahooty, and author Jen Oloo (the puppet it the one in the middle).

If you want to find out more, check out Yahooty’s Kickstarter page below:


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